Gulbarga, Karnatka


Listing :

  • Partner shall have the right to list their vehicle with getsetgo technologies.

  • In case of new vehicles, partner must take commercial vehicle insurance. In case of existing vehicles, you must handover your existing insurance and purchase a new commercial vehicle insurance.

  • Partner should buy the Road Side Assistance. RSA allows repair and towing service for the vehicle in events such as accidents.
  • Partner will have to renew the commercial vehicle insurance and RSA on time annually. you may also have to renew the annual road tax, permits and fitness certificate.
  • getsetgo technologies will deduct the applicable GST amount from the rentals and remit the balance to partners. Further, TDS will be deducted where ever applicable.
  • Partner shall have the right to remove his Vehicle from listing on the getsetgo platform with a notice period of 1 month.

Rental Share :

                   Rental Share = Share % X Revenue. where,

  •  Share % = 75%, of Total earned (Excluding tax)
  •  Revenue = Total earnings charged by getsetgo to its customers for all completed trips made by the Vehicle. (excluding any penalties applied and the maintenance cost & service charges wherever applicable).

Note: getsetgo technologies shall have the sole right to calculate the Rental and Partner shall not dispute the same.

Service & Maintenance :

  • In the event the Vehicle meets with an accident while in the possession of getsetgo technologies’ s customers, getsetgo will be responsible for getting the Vehicle repaired and bear all related costs (net of insurance proceeds).
  • In the event the Vehicle breaks down (due to vehicle failure, not owing to an accident ) and needs repair work, while in possession of getsetgo technologies or our customer, getsetgo shall inform Partner of the same and take the Vehicle to a workshop for repair. However, the cost of the repair shall be deducted from the amount payable to Partner.
  • low value insurance claims impact the, no bonus claim benefits and resale value of the vehicle. Hence, neither getsetgo nor Partner can make insurance claims having value less than 20,000/- for car & 10,000/- for bike.
  • In the event any documents from the Vehicle are misplaced while the Vehicle is in possession of its customers, getsetgo technologies shall be responsible for recovering the same or getting it replaced (and Partner agree to fully cooperate with getsetgo for the same).